Insight Marketing Platform

FiO’s Insight Marketing Platform builds real brand loyalty with personalized, repeatable customer engagements.

Create Customer Lifetime Value and Create Real Brand

Connection with a Comprehensive Customer Data Marketing Platform that Boosts CX at Every Touchpoint


If you’re struggling with siloed data stretched across your entire ecosystem, our smart CRM unifies data providing a full 360-degree view of your customers.

Segmentation Services

Gain a deep understanding of your customers with a constantly refreshed view into who they are, their interests, intentions, and identities. Build precise, auto-updated audience segments for all campaigns in a matter of minutes.


Dynamic receipts put the power in the hands of the retailer, and can be customized to highlight key promotions, savings summaries, targeted messages, and more. Our system provides your business with the ability for unlimited customization and integration.


Send all your messages on one powerful platform. Drip campaigns like broadcast, triggered, targeted, autoresponders, and more are all integrated within.

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