Improve NPS Survey Scores Through Customer Service Automation

Manages and tracks customer interactions.

FiO Offers Advanced Customer Service Automation

Customers today want service on their terms and timing. To adjust to the new reality, organizations are rethinking their customer service, technology, data, and operations.

Organizations need to modernize the user experience, engage, provide visibility, intelligently automate routing of the customer process, speed up application development, and take full advantage of the cloud.

For your business and agents, these customer communications must be centralized, otherwise, it would be unmanageable. The key to customer satisfaction is a prompt response. To accomplish this, there needs to be a single holistic view to respond quickly.

The experience for your customers should be seamless and easy. With the click of a button, they can send you a business chat iMessage as easily as sending a text message to a friend. Even better, your agents will prefer to use messaging because of its nonparallel nature. They can help more customers more easily on a platform they already know how to use. It’s a win-win for customers and businesses.

Customer Service Automation

Manages and Tracks Customer Interactions.

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FiO’s CSP (Customer Service Platform) is the intermediary between you and your customers’ messaging conversations over business chat iMessage.

The purpose of the customer service platform is to have customer data so agents, marketing and the platform’s automation capabilities can take action to keep customers informed, engaged, satisfied and loyal to your brand.

FiO’s CSP provides contact center agents a robust set of features that ensures messages are routed to the appropriate person. Conversations are prioritized based on a customer’s responsiveness and help agents collaborate with peers or managers to resolve issues quickly. The contact center agent connects with the user’s conversation history for easy reference. The full view of the customer’s history is integrated into CRM solutions.

FiO’s CSP is another key piece of the marketing technology stack and eco-system to keep satisfied customers.

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