B2B Intelligent Quote to Order Management Solution


FiO’s intuitive, integrated, scalable sales solution allows you to sell anywhere, anytime

In a hyper-crowded marketplace, there are roughly 60-90 minutes to go from lead to quote if you want to close a sale.

To drive revenue, you need to enable your team with a quote-to-order process that enables them maximum access to customer and product data, dashboard reporting, automated communication tools, and product and delivery tracking.

Group FiO’s Quote-to-Order Solution empowers all stakeholders with unprecedented speed and visibility, boosting your customer experience and win ratio.

Key Benefits of Group FiO’s Quote-to-Order Solution

  • Visibility – Identify net new quotes immediately, track them at a macro level and pinpoint urgent quotes that require immediate attention.
  • Speed – Accelerate quote process & acceptance time via status dashboards, automated reminders, and intelligent suggestions
  • Identify – Find and fix bottlenecks and address tale quotes before adding the vine.
  • Accuracy – Access current product and contract status updates in real time with integrated data-driven capabilities.
  • Automate – Empower reps, customers & managers with preset messaging, date-tracking, and ticket updates.
  • Optimize – Improve quote process management and boost customer experience by intelligently managing the touch frequency.

GroupFiO’s Quote-to-Order Solution provides a solution that optimizes complex selling processes for faster sales cycles, improved margins, and true customer satisfaction.

Quotation Workflow


With FiO’s Quote-to-Order platform you improve the customer’s experience and get Intelligent Automation to have better Visibility and Quote Management to speed up the sales process.

Intelligent Automation


Group FiO’s Quote-to-Order Management Solution helps companies sell better by automating much of the lead-to-quote-to-order process, including product selection, configuration, pricing, deal negotiation, quoting, customer communication, ordering, and management input and approvals.

For further details on each of the elements of FiO’s Quote-to-Order platform be sure to Find Out More to learn more about Group FiO’s Field Management Solution that connects the entire Field Service Management value chain with innovation and a deep understanding of customer needs.

Multiple Levels of Support

Delivering a lead from the quote-to-order-to installation can involve multiple stakeholders and departments within your organization. GroupFiO’s solution provides one data warehouse and maximum integration capabilities. Whether it’s your CSR, accounting, management, help desk, or field service management reps, all team shaves dashboard to access real-time intel

Superior Segmentation

Empower your engagement strategy by delivering personalized customer experiences through exceptional segmentation capabilities. Create target audiences and provide relevant content based on demographic, economic, purchase history, and other meaningful behavioral data that creates brand loyalty and enriches Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Maximize Marketing Campaigns

Don’t just stop at one fulfilled order. Expand your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)by leveraging customer data to empower your marketing strategy through drip-mails, SMSefforts, social media, personalized product & service suggestions, and other targeted marketing campaigns that communicate a brand that cares about their specific goals

Post-Sale Tracking & Reporting

Identify weak spots in your process and troubleshoot pain points that might be causing you to lose sales mid-stream. Address product, supplier, or communication breakdowns and isolate mitigating external factors that are negatively affecting your revenue stream and plug holes before they become a long-term problem

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